The Music of Silence

Amos Bardi is born with the gift of a voice that manifests itself of great value as a child. however, it suffers from a serious eye problem that makes it almost blind and forces him to an ordeal of surgery. Soon, Amos must separate from the family to get into an institute for the blind to learn Braille. But it is there that happens to him a terrible accident, a ball in the face that leads to total blindness. Despite everything, he does not give up. Moved by great aspirations and interests (the passion for singing, the love for horses, the scooter and the bicycle, a degree in law), his life will be a challenge without stops until he manages to grab the first real success on stage with the performance of the “Miserere”. From then on he begins an existence studded with victories but in which, moment by moment, he continues his daily mission of who to be like others, in every gesture and every moment, must do more than others.

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