The Children Act

Fiona Maye (a magnificent Emma Thompson who adds another flower to her crown) is a British High Court judge specializing in family law.

Role of great prestige, he presides in court cases with black toga and white or red facciola to the neck, parades with red toga and parruccona in head to Westminster with the Gotha of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, communicates the sentences with gravity and human condescendence, she praises the “divine detachment and the diabolical perspicacity” and has a helpful clerk who follows her like a puppy.

Fiona also plays the divinely piano, completing the portrait.

Beautiful house in an exclusive London neighborhood, submerged in papers and codes, bent over the computer keyboard, just responds to her husband (Stanley Tucci, the perfect incarnation of the husband they all would like if he only existed) who tries to keep a contact alive, albeit minimum, to a menage now tired of 35 and without children.

Waterproof to the call and projected in full-time work Fiona, with a lot of self control but just as much determination, tells him to leave when he, very amiably, tells her the intention to become a lover.

What, however, has already, since 11 months (incredible, kept a diary!) Has no relationship with his wife.

Having clarified what lovers are for, let’s go back to Fiona, a woman full of contradictions, just as she is a beautiful career woman on the brink of old age.

Crunches in his severe mask are noticeable as of now, but the landslide will happen soon, with the case Adam Henry.

Who is Adam Henry?

The only 17-year-old son of Jehovah’s Witnesses suffering from an aggressive form of leukemia requiring immediate treatment.

Transfusions are needed which, of course, Jehovah strictly forbids.

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