Italian Politics for Dummies

What happens when a 23-year-old boy takes part in the elections to become mayor of a big city in the south of Italy and decides to record with a hidden camera everything that happens to him, making his campaign a transparent box? This is the true story of Ismaele, who arrived fourth in the municipal elections in June 2017 in Palermo, the city that has exported the mafia all over the world. The unconscious “actors” of this film are Italian politicians, those who have commanded Italy until yesterday and those who are commanding it today. In the middle of all the real documents a comedy flows, the life of a boy and his cumbersome Italian mother, set in a city that is an open-air set. Everyone will make their own idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis adventure. In Ismaele it was useful to understand that politics is basically a simple world. It does not matter knowing how to do what you promise, it is important to promise it well. No matter where the votes come from, it matters that they arrive. It does not matter if you say something and do another, and above all it does not matter if it’s true. It matters to say so many times. And then if someone gives you what you want, you give him what he wants. If you do it with a boss it’s an exchange vote, if you do it with those inside the system it’s not called anymore. It’s called a political agreement.

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