At Eternity’s Gate

A look at the period that Vincent van Gogh spent in the region of Arles between February 1888 and May 1889.

Directed by Julian Schnabel and written by Jean-Claude Carrière, Van Gogh – On the threshold of eternity brings to the screen the last days of life of the tormented painter Vincent van Gogh, asking questions about the meaning of art and humanity itself. The period taken into consideration goes back to 1887, when the painter was forced to withdraw his paintings from an exhibition due to the absence of visitors, until his controversial death. In particular, we focus on the bond that van Gogh has entertained with his brother Theo and his friend and painter Paul Gauguin.

With the direction of photography by Benoît Delhomme, the scenography by Stéphane Cressend, the costumes by Karen Muller Serreau and the music by Tatiana Lisovkaia, Van Gogh – On the threshold of eternity is narrated by the director on the occasion of the participation of the film in competition at the Venice Film Festival 2018: “This film is a set of scenes inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s paintings, events of his life commonly accepted as real events, rumors and completely invented scenes. Making art gives the opportunity to realize something concrete , which expresses a reason for living, if such a thing exists .. Despite all the violence and tragedies suffered by van Gogh in his existence, there is no doubt that he lived a life characterized by a magical, profound communication with nature and the wonder of being Van Gogh’s work is fundamentally optimistic: beliefs and the vision at the base of his singular point of view make faces bile and physical that which is inexpressible. It seems to have gone beyond death, encouraging others to do the same.

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