August 1945: preparations are underway for a wedding in a Hungarian village. Arpad, son of the influential municipal secretary Istvan Szentes, is getting married to Kisrozsi, the former girlfriend of his friend Jancsi, who all believed dead at the front and who eventually returned as a member of the communist party in charge of redistribution of land . Istvan, once a foster father of Jancsi, hopes the status quo can remain in the village. In addition to finding the ideal wife for his son, Istvan also took possession of the shop of his Jewish friend Pollak, who had been reported and taken away before the deportations began. Many inhabitants are indebted to Istvan, since it was he who redistributed the property confiscated from the Jews. During the wedding preparations, two Orthodox Jews arrive at the village station with mysterious boxes. Their arrival upsets the established order, some fear having to return the “illicit” goods and others are afraid that other survivors will rise again while some have criminal thoughts and others feel remorse.

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